Questions Answered: Celebrating My First Comment!

I got my first comment last night! I was super excited to see that upon logging into my email today! The poster said that they read all of my posts and they posed some very good questions, so I thought I would take a moment to answer them.

1. Does your kid know about your relationship dynamic? Do you plan to tell him about it eventually if he doesn’t already know?

My son is only two, so at this point he barely understands that I am in a relationship. His father hasn’t really been in the picture since he was one. He’s used to getting all of Mommy’s affection and attention, so he showed a bit of jealously on the day that he met Master. Every time he saw us kiss or embrace he started yelling “No no no no!” It was kind of amusing and endearing, but I know that we will have to ease into getting him accustomed to having a new man around.

My opinion about children being aware of the BDSM lifestyle is the same opinion I have about them being educated about sex or drugs or religion or anything else in the world. Once they are old enough to understand (which varies depending on their awareness and maturity level), I think they should be made aware of the facts and encouraged to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

I will never try to hide my lifestyle, nor will I display overt sexuality in front of my child(ren). I don’t want my behavior to reflect that BDSM dynamics or sexuality is in any way negative or shameful, but there is a boundary that I feel should be established between children and their exposure to sexuality. As a sex positive person, this boundary can sometimes be tricky to define, and I anticipate that my opinions on it will evolve over time.

This is a subject I will definitely cover in more detail once I have done more research and have more experience.

2. How deep does this go? Does he tell you what to eat? Does he tell you when to eat?

I actually have been working on my next post about what my slavery means to me, and I will be including some of these types of details about our dynamic.

As far as my diet, I have told Master what my goals and limits are in the diet that I follow for weight loss, and he holds me accountable. I still choose what to eat on a daily basis and when, but I eat under 1650 calories and under 25 grams of net carbs per day because I’m on a ketogenic diet. I have had a lot of success with it in the past, and Master and I agreed that’s what I will stick to for now.

I am banned from eating peanut butter and ice cream because those are trigger foods for me and I have trouble controlling my intake when I start on either of those. Peanut butter especially is like crack to me.

My diet and weight loss is another thing I will post more details about in the near future.

3. Do you have a job? If so, are work-related decisions also his domain? For instance, say you were offered a promotion. Would you have to wait for him to make the decision whether or not you can take it before you accept?

Right now I do some part time work, but my main focus is growing this blog and getting more involved in the BDSM community to see how I can help people who are in the lifestyle or curious about the lifestyle.

As far as my work, Master is ultimately in charge of any decisions. We discuss everything that there is to consider. If I were to be offered a new position or any significant change I would be expected to discuss it with Master Eros before anything is finalized.

I do my best to make every decision according to Master’s will and to honor him in all that I do, and that applies especially in my work endeavors.

4. What (in your opinion) is the most outrageous thing he’s ever asked you to do?

I have to laugh at this question. Master Eros comes up with some pretty crazy ideas, but the most outrageous?…Hmm. So far I’d say that the most outrageous thing he’s had me do is heel (kneeling at his side slightly behind him and following closely) in Walgreen’s.

I know that there will be plenty of even more outrageous things he will have me do in the future. Master enjoys making me uncomfortable and making people around us feel awkward. It’s pretty fun.

I will be sure to share some of the more outrageous challenges, punishments, and adventures as time goes on!

Thanks so much for asking these questions! I love to get feedback and when people have questions for me I really enjoy satisfying their curiosity! It’s totally fun and a great way to connect with my readers and followers!

I welcome any questions that anyone may have and eventually I’d like to devote some regular posts to Q&A!

Till next time, love and light. ❀️πŸ”₯


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